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COBE COPU Products

COBE COPU products are crafted from the power of the cacao fruit thanks to a combination of African traditional knowledge and modern engineering to facilitate your back to the roots – away from over-sugared and unhealthy cocoa products and chocolate towards holistic nutrient-rich through and through natural cocoa drinks – naturally without milk!

COBE COPU Energize
COBE COPU Energize
COBE COPU Concentrate

Three Reasons to love

All COBE COPU products are

free from artificial ingredients, free from gluten, free from lactose and free from any child labor.

All COBE COPU products are

full of nutrients, rich in vitamins, rich in innovative spirit and provide the basis for revitalisation of body and spirit.

All COBE COPU products are

developed based on a revolutionary approach, developed to provide an unique taste and made with pride for our African roots.

Ready to experience
the full joy of cocoa?